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Venus Hi signed auspicious new material Co., Ltd. new plant project

Date:2017-11-29 10:04

  Shanghai Jixiang Science and Technology Group as "China Building Materials Federation Composite Materials Branch vice president of units," is a professional high-tech interior and exterior wall decoration materials in the development, production, trade and service as one of the diversified group company. Started a new high-tech auspicious materials Jiaxing project a total investment of 600000000 yuan, the registered capital of 100000000 yuan, the total land area of 160 acres, is expected to put into operation after the annual sales value of more than 1.5 billion yuan can achieve more than 200000 yuan per mu tax revenue. The opening of this project will surely play an important role in speeding up the economic development of the park and enhancing the park's development potential.


  The company mainly produces aluminum-plastic composite panels, color-profile aluminum-plastic panels, fire-resistant aluminum panels, aluminum panels for advertising printing, fluorocarbon aluminum veneer and other products, sales outlets throughout major cities and exported to Russia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, The European Union and more than 60 countries and regions, the products are widely used in various large domestic and international buildings and landmarks. The company has won the honorary titles such as "Top 500 Chinese Building Materials", "Top 100 Private Building Materials in China", "Top 100 Most Growing Building Materials in China" and "Top 10 Best-selling Brand in China Aluminum Composite Panels".

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